We supply the skills and facilities
to handle your dynamic work challenges


A Proven Methodology
6 Steps to Better KPIs

Our Workstream process employs a 6-Step VersantI/O analysis of your operations to identify your constraints and show how certain changes can optimize your operational efficiency. Then we work with you to implement the changes and supply the people, processes and facilities you need to make it all work.

People hire Versant because we are good at what we do. They partner with Versant because our 6-Step process is awesome at generating positive change.


  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Constraint Modeling
  • Scenario Planning
  • Payment Options
  • Facility Optimization
  • Equipment Audits
  • Compliance


Input and Output for data driven decisions

Inbound and Outbound freight management

Insourced and Outsourced distribution logistics

Customized Strategy

Practices shaped by client’s supply chain strategy

Processes built on core Versant experience
Engineered to meet the unique needs of each client


  • Identify Target Processes
  • Develop SOW
  • Establish Target KPI/ Metrics


  • Map “Current-State” Process
  • Identify Process Constraints
  • Engineer “Future-State” Process
  • Perform Gap Analysis


  • Define Path-to-Value Roadmap
  • Collaborate Core Competencies
  • Develop Sourcing Strategy
  • Transition Planning

Standardized Execution

Practices that generate differentiating value for our clients

Best practices, developed, refined and proven through
operational practice and industry compliance.


  • Initiate Transition Plan
  • SOP Development
  • Initiate Training
  • Install Infrastructure


  • Process Execution
  • KPI/Metrics Compliance
  • Managerial Oversight & Governance


  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Business Reviews
  • Continuous Improvement Initiatives

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