Versant provides Light Assembly functions for a variety of clients who need trained resources to perform and manage the functions in a Cost-Per-Unit (CPU) environment.
With clients in the Retail Cellular/Telecom, Manufacturing, Sporting Goods and other industries
Whether it is 200 phones, 300,000 antennas, or 500,000 shoes, Versant can proved relabeling, custom kitting/personalization, or rework. No job is too big or too small.
When you need distribution services supplied in a turnkey manner, Versant can supply the workers, processes and management to get the job done.
Clients sometimes need temporary storage to handle peak periods or other product flow variations. VersantFlex provides space and services to provide needed flexibility.
Versant can add value where you thought there may be none – managing your corrugate and consumables, onsite or offsite, from plant to dock and into your facility.
When clients are challenged to fix product problems quickly and efficiently, they turn to Versant because we are structured for instant response.
When cross-docking is the answer Versant can supply the people, process, management and even the facilities to get the job done.
As one of Versant’s true competitive advantages, data collection and analysis on all of our business units is a core strength that empowers our clients’ to make better, more-informed decisions.
By analyzing customer data in each our core business units, Versant can act as a consultative partner to recommend creative and actionable change for our clients.
Given there are many constraints in every business model (financial, operational, resource), Versant approaches these constraint situations without a pre-determined outcome so that all options can be equally evaluated and an optimum solution identified.
By offering creative solutions to capital expense constraints, Versant can facilitate multiple options for our clients to remove roadblocks and attack the challenges they face.
Versant can provide operational and engineering resources to evaluate and analyze current versus optimum state as well as delivering a coordinated plan to achieve the desired state.
With key equipment assets in your facility being the difference between success and failure, Versant can make available the resources necessary to ensure these important assets are running at peak performance.
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  • Data Collection
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